Tips for Saving Money to Add to Your Travel Fund

Tips for Saving Money to Add to Your Travel Fund

Many people want to roam the world freely, explore different cities, and meet new people. Whatever one’s preferred style of travelling, or destinations on the bucket list, a large number of people desire to travel and explore more, and more … and more!

A major challenging part about travelling is usually arranging the funds. There are, however, some relatively easy and pain-free ways that you can start saving for your next trip.

Of course, you could always take on extra hours at work or even get another part time job, but have you considered some of the lifestyle changes that can help you to save up? Or things that you could sell?

Here are a few tips that could help you to bolster your travel fund:

Drink More Water

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Not only is water one of the best things for your health to drink, it is also often one of the cheapest. If you live in a place where tap water is potable, even better!

If you replace your daily take out coffees and shakes with water (and put the equivalent money to one side!) you’ll soon see the funds start to build up.

If you can’t quite bear the thought of giving up completely, make your own for a fraction of the cost of buying in a coffee shop or café.

Work from Serviced Offices 

If you have the luxury of working on-the-go, which isn’t much of a stretch with the digital age we live in, good on you! Most times, all you need is a laptop and a really strong Wifi signal. However, you may sometimes require extended services such as conference room facilities when you meet with your partners via platforms such as Skype, but with the flexibility of hourly rental rates, and short-term lease.

And if travelling the world doesn’t excite you enough, you can also choose to work in a co-working office, usually an open-plan area where many like-minded entrepreneurs and management share the same space while they work. This is a great chance for you to socialise and make new business connections!

Cook Your Own Meals

Preparing your own dishes rather than eating out all the time is a great way to save heaps of cash. Make sure that you take a packed lunch to work with you and carry a ready supply of homemade snacks in case you get the munchies whilst out and about.

You could also consider buying favourite items in bulk – just try not to eat more of them than you normally would or this won’t save you money at all!

Shop Online

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With online shopping you not only get better discounts but you can also save on your travelling costs of getting to and from the store. Online shopping also allows you to quickly and easily compare the prices of different sellers and grab the best deal in a click! Many sites have reward schemes that can also lead to greater savings and bargains.

Share Expenses

There are several ways that you can share expenses, allowing you to put aside some extra cash. If you live alone and have a spare room you could consider taking in a lodger. Sharing transportation is another top way to save, and you could split costs and save waste if you cook meals with a friend. Get creative and you’ll probably come up with loads of ways that you can save in this way.

Sell Your Junk

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Just look around your room and count the things that you don’t use anymore. There is probably a lot! Get rid of all the junk stuff and sell it. Not only will your home look cleaner and more well-organized, but you will also earn money that you can put towards your next trip. There are many ways that you can sell your stuff, including through online sites such as Ebay and Amazon, notices in local stores and in online forums, a garage sale, a car boot sale, a jumble sale, and to friends and relatives.

With these tips you can save some bucks for your next trip, so … keep saving and enjoy your travelling!

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