Top Car Rental Experience in Osaka

Top Car Rental Experience in Osaka

Although small in size, Japan has much to offer. The country of islands is a diverse and unique, offering perfect vacation opportunities for everyone. The culture, the food, and the people make this country something special and unforgettable.

Whether you want a family holiday or travel for leisure or business, Japan is bound to please. Japan is easy to navigate on a self-drive vacation. Give yourself the freedom to choose your own schedule with a car.

If you have a car, Osaka is a great destination of choice. Without the large-scale chaos of Tokyo, Osaka still offers the incredible culture and stunning scenery. There are many day trips accessible from Osaka so a car is worthwhile.

During our time in Osaka, we rented a car from Tabirai Car Rental. This proved to be an excellent choice on many levels. The website was so easy to navigate so it wasn’t any hassle finding the right car. It is all laid out clearly and you select what dates you want the car for, where you want to pick up and drop off, and the vehicle type you’d like. There is also the option for a smoking or non-smoking vehicle which is considerate. From there, you get a bunch of car options to scroll through and find the right one you like.

Our blue Nissan Note had a large boot to store our suitcases and luggage. It was clean and comfortable when we picked it up. The staff were very helpful upon pickup and explained the details of the car and the renting process. They also gave us the handbook, manual, and emergency numbers for our safety and security.

The whole pickup process from KIX Osaka airport went smoothly. The forms were easy to fill; the staff led us to the car, and the car was filled with petrol so we could hit the road immediately. As a bonus, there was a GPS with English settings so we didn’t get lost!

As for driving around Osaka, it wasn’t as scary as we thought. The road rules are well enforced, and the drive was smooth. We drove around the city the first few days. Then we ventured further out and took an hour-long drive to the Nishiki Market in Kyoto. This is an incredible food market with all different flavors of Japan waiting to delight in the tastebuds! There was cheap parking available, about a minute walk to the market for only 900 yen for 3 hours.

During the drive, the car was easy to handle and reliable. It was a breeze to drive along the highways and toll roads. For return the car, we took it to Namba OCAT, just above the main train station. It is a central location but as the carparking facilities did not have clear signs for the return of the car. As a result, we parked in the wrong area and the staff at the return told us to move the car. We had to pay 300 yen to move the car from one section to the other. It was a shame, but the staff gave us a little black toy car as a present so you can be sure we weren’t annoyed for long!

Whether you are traveling solo, with a friend or partner, or as a family, this car rental service is highly recommended. The staff makes sure you are taken care of from start to finish and the service is prompt and reliable.

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